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We use cookies to improve the services and performance of the website. Here you can read more about what kind of data we collect and what the purpose is. If you choose to not accept cookies, some functions may stop working.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the device you are browsing, such as a computer or mobile phone. The text file does not contain any information about you as a person and does not transmit viruses or malware.

Read more about cookies on the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority's website

SFS: Electronic Communications Act (2003:389)


In order to improve our services, we use web analytics to collect statistics about how our website is used or accessed. We cannot track an individual visitor through the web analytics tool and therefore do not request consent for personal data management.

We do not collect any personal data or your computer's IP number. The data we store is never used for commercial purposes, nor is it distributed to third parties.

We use these cookies on the website

Accept and close information about cookies

Cookie Name:
SolAcceptCookie (type: HTML LocalStorage)

You create the cookie when you click "OK" in the cookie information box.

The information text won't reappear the next time you visit the site.

Life span:
The cookie is permanent and is deleted when you choose to clear cookies.


Information about ongoing visits to the site

Names of cookies:
JSESSIONID (type: HTTP Cookie)
BIGipServer (type: HTTP Cookie)

Created by our network to send the web traffic correctly and be able to deliver the functions you use.

By querying the same server when changing sites, it gives you a faster presentation of the site content.

Data stored:
No personal information, a unique code key to be able to distinguish visitors from each other.

Life span:
Deleted when you close the browser.



Names of cookies:
_rspkrLoadCore (type: HTTP Cookie)
ReadSpeakerSettings (type: HTTP Cookie)

Created by the Readspeaker service when you enable the readout function.

Enables reading of the website.

Data that the cookie stores:
Contains no personal information. _rspkrLoadCore ensures that the function is already loaded and working. ReadSpeakerSettings stores the settings chosen by you as a user (such as speed and colour).

Life span:
_rspkrLoadCore is deleted when you close the browser.
ReadSpeakerSettings is stored for 4 days.

If you do not want to accept the storage of cookies

In your browser you can choose to not accept cookies or be informed every time the website tries to set a cookie. In the browser, you can also delete previously stored cookies. Visit your browser's help pages for more information on how to do this.

If you choose not to accept cookies, some features may stop working.

Last updated: 2022-05-04
Published: 2022-04-29